Blonde Golfers

Two blondes were starting a round of golf together. On the first tee, the first blonde smacked a beautiful drive down the center of the fairway. With a smile, she picked up the tee and walked to the cart.

The second blonde cranked another good drive down the center of the fairway. Pleased, she hopped in the cart.

When they arrived at the golf balls, they noticed that they were ten yards apart.

“That’s mine up there,” said the first blonde, pointing to the ball closer to the green.

“No way, I outdrove you easily,” said the second blonde. Before you know it, fists were flying.

After a brief scuffle, the second blonde stopped and said, “I know how we can solve this problem!”


“We will get the clubhouse pro out here!”

Sure enough, they drove back to the clubhouse and got him and dragged him out to the fairway.

Studying the situation for a few minutes the pro finally said, “I know how to solve this!”


“Yeah, how?”

Replied the pro, “Who is hitting the yellow ball?”